Mobile general practitioner workstation | Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Application scenario:

. Establishment of dynamic health profile

. Basic physical examination, regular follow-up

. Multidimensional monitoring of vital information

. E-consultations, referrals, video consultations

. Regionalized statistics using big data

An entirely new primary care model in the context of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment: the remote general practice clinic 

Through IOT technologies, the decentralized primary care units such as village clinics, community health service stations and clinics are consolidated and upgraded into local remote general practice clinics affiliated to regional central hospitals (municipal-level, district-level and county-level secondary or tertiary hospitals), which enables primary care units to share the high-quality medical resources of central hospitals and increases the medical care capacity of primary care units, thereby benefiting patients. 

Equipment costs of medical institutions per year

900,000 primary care institutions, one set of equipment needed by every 10 institutions, 120,000 yuan each set, totaling 10.8 billion yuan; 

Big data health service 

900,000 primary care institutions, one set of equipment needed by every 10 institutions, 5,000 yuan each set, totaling 450 million yuan;

Total annual equipment costs are 11.25 billion yuan. 

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