Smart belts, hats and gloves | Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Smart belts, hats and gloves are wearable life information monitoring products that integrate an embedded signal processing platform, non-paste electrode, piezoresistance-type transducer, reflectance oximetry and rechargeable lithium battery. These smart products have high biological compatibility and signal sensitivity but low costs. They can continuously and dynamically monitor life information parameters, such as electrocardiograms, respiratory waves and body movements, providing sleeping and breathing analysis, dynamic ECG analysis, report issuance and electronic medical records for the expert analysis platform.

Unlike traditional ECG monitoring equipment, which requires electrodes attached to the skin, people can wear these smart accessories for a long time without feeling uncomfortable, which is a significant innovation for health monitoring equipment. 

Application field

1. Monitoring and assessing chronic diseases for families and communities.

2. Monitoring and evaluating life information for special occupational groups, such as pilots, soldiers and athletes.

3. Health monitoring and management at nursing homes.

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