Yutong Eye Repair Cream

academicians.org.cn | Updated: Feb 18, 2021


This product has a soothing and refreshing effect when applied to the skin around the eyes. It helps relieve eye fatigue caused by frequent mobile phone use, improves ptosis, removes fat particles and addresses tearing. Additionally, the product can also reduce edema around the eyes, mitigate eye allergies, redness and dryness, improve blurred vision, tighten bags under the eyes and remedy dark circles.


The product was inspired by the revival of Chinese culture and traditional medicine. Its design and development are rooted in the wisdom of oriental culture and integrate modern technologies and the heritage of ancient Chinese medicine. It seeks to transform innovation-based development through traditional Chinese culture to benefit users in a science-based way.

The product is an osmotherapy treatment and is developed by extracting high-concentrations of useful components from Chinese herbs while removing chemical residue for amplified absorption. 

There are several causes for eye dysfunction, including fatigue, angiosclerosis, local hemodynamic disorders and insufficient blood supply due to the functional decline of internal organs. This eye repair cream is made following the principle of osmotherapy in Chinese medicine: The skin around the eyes absorbs extracted herbal essences to reach meridian points, which helps lift the skin around the eyes and provide nutrition to ocular tissue. The product can achieve the optimal balance in eye conditions while delivering a full-repairing effect.   

References: Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor; Prescriptions Worth a Thousand Pieces of Gold for Emergencies and Tang Materia Medica (Sun Simiao); Compendium of Materia Medica (Li Shizhen); Ophthalmology of Traditional Chinese Medicine; and Ophthalmology Book.


(1) The product uses extracts from natural herbs without any chemical ingredients, hormones or preservatives. It will not cause eye allergies or swelling after application, as the product is safer than eye-cream products with chemical ingredients;

(2) Eyes drops are not recommended for long-term use as the relieving effect is intended for a short-term impact. This product can be used long-term to protect the eyes and enhance the circulation of blood to the eyes;

(3) It has an alluring and refreshing fragrant smell that provides a good user experience;

(4) Applying the product before using electronic devices helps protect eye-sight; and

(5) Applying the product with point-massage gestures helps improve eye conditions and get glowing skin.


Main ingredients include ginseng, borneol, cassia, honeysuckle, mint, licorice and natural wax. 

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