Fucong Cooling Gel

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Name: Fucong Cooling Gel


Reduces fever in children and those with decreased immunity


Adhering to the therapeutic principle of osmotherapy, which stresses the treatment of internal illness via external administration in traditional Chinese medicine, the product has been produced with refined oil extracted from traditional Chinese herbs without any pesticide residues, ensuring a sound effect.

Applying the product on human bodies will greatly enhance phagocytic ability of leukocytes or while blood cells, and mobilize, boost and repair immune functions. Kneading the Du or governor channel and urinary bladder channel can quickly invigorate meridians and collaterals, creating more positive energy and dispelling negative elements. An invigoration of the urinary bladder channel is conducive to discharging toxins and decreasing body temperature.

The opening of those meridians and collaterals reduces body temperature and brings down fever without posing any threat to human bodies. Therefore, it is a highly recommended way to cure fever.

Reference: Yellow Emperor's Inner Canon, Qianjin Yaofang (Prescriptions Worth a Thousand Pieces of Gold for Emergencies), New Tang Materia Medica, Compendium of Materia Medica, A Collection on Children's Health, and Encyclopedia of Modern Medicine.


All ingredients are extracted from traditional Chinese herbs and have no chemical compounds such as hormones or preservatives. The gel is very safe to use.

Applying the product on the back of patients can bring their temperature down to a normal level when they develop a fever caused by a cold or retention of food in the stomach.

Frequent use of the product can enhance children's immunity, reduce the incidence of colds or fevers, and exercise a positive impact on the treatment of illness such as anorexia, convulsion, enuresis and cough.

If a teen patient has a high fever, applying the product will relieve his or her symptoms and win more time to go to the hospital.

The product has a good effect in the treatment of a fever with body temperature below 38.5 C.

Applying the product can reduce the usage of antibiotics, poses no threat to children and helps them fall to sleep and regain their health.

The product can decrease body temperature from the epidermis to the internal body without any recurrence.

Applying the product on the abdomen and back can relieve fatigue, enhance energy, refresh the mind, and help patients better cope with low fever induced by decreased immunity.

Ingredients: ginseng, mint, honeysuckle, citron, radix bupleuri and natural honey.

Directions for use

Apply three grams of the product on the back of patients, and knead it downward along the cervical spine till the back becomes warm.

Note: It is advisable to apply the product twice or three times a day when the patient has a fever.


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