Shaoxing's Keqiao ​Academician Town | Updated: Feb 09, 2021

The Academician Town in Shaoxing's Keqiao district, relying on Zhejiang (Shaoxing) foreign high-end talent innovation clusters, has a planned area of about 10,808.7 square meters. The town is equipped with commercial service facilities such as talent apartments, academician buildings, office buildings, western restaurants, gymnasiums, a foreign language book bar, meeting rooms, and a one-stop service hall. 

With attention to the development tenet of "focusing on the world, gathering talents, and relying on industries", the town will be built into a four-in-one comprehensive academician entrepreneurship and innovation platform featuring "talent introduction, technology research and development, achievement transformation, and logistics support" .

Since its establishment Academician Town has actively carried out various financial and intellectual matchmaking and roadshow activities. Taking Zhejiang (Shaoxing) foreign high-end talents innovation clusters as the service carrier, it promotes the transformation of scientific research results through the regular online and offline release of high-end talent project introductions, and the organization of roadshows.

In the past two years, more than 30 matchmaking activities for key talent projects, life supporting activities, publicity and daily reception activities have been carried out, and many matchmaking meetings for foreign high-end talent projects have been held in Ukraine, South Africa, Italy, and Belarus.

Through these activities, high-end talents at home and abroad, and especially top overseas science academicians, are attracted to settle in the town.

Up to now, 15 academicians and high-end experts from South Africa, Ukraine, India and other countries have successfully signed contracts. Keqiao district has established 24 Academician & Expert Workstations at the municipal level and above, including three at the provincial level and two at the national level, in the fields of textile printing and dyeing, medical treatment and hygiene, food and medicine, and new construction materials. Twenty-eight academicians have entered the stations, 22 domestic and six foreign.

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